In this guide i will explain how to download and set up tor. For this i am using linux but the steps should be basically exactly the same on windows. I strongly recommend that you use linux for all tor related things as its much more secure than windows so your far less likely to do anything that could harm your pc. The dark web is full of viruses and phishing sites. an unsecure windows pc is a hackers wet dream. Linux is secure by default without the need for any external security software and its free and open source. Ideally for top security and anonymity you should be using Tails OS but that’s for much more advanced/serious users. Depending on what you plan to do on the dark web tails isn’t strictly necessary but your security and privacy should always come first. You can read my guide for installing tails here. (add link)

What is tor?
Tor is free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication by directing Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays in order to conceal a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis – from Wikipedia

Due to advances in technologies such as cryptocurrency the dark web can enable markets to sell and buy almost anything online and anonymously. It’s because of this that law enforcement have an extremely aggressive campaign to shut down markets and attempt to prosecute people for selling or enabling the sale of illegal goods.

The dark web is not completely untraceable and if you have the right tools at you disposal (law enforcement) people can be caught and face charges but this requires enormous amounts of work and so this only ever really happens to large drug dealers or weapons dealers. The average fish buying something for personal consumption needn’t worry, if they follow the security steps outlined in this website. I know people who have made hundreds and hundreds of transactions on markets and nothing bad has happened.

How to set up Tor


Before you start this guide I would implore you to enable your VPN immediately. It's very likely that anyone who downloads tor browser is logged by their internet service provider also typing tor into google kind of defeats the objective of being hidden. I wouldn't actually even use google. I use duck duck go for all my searches. It's like google except it doesn't track you and store your data whenever you look something up. Also if you don't use a VPN to browse on Tor your ISP knows whenever you have connected to the onion network (Tor). They can't see what your looking at but they know you are using Tor. If for some reason you ever ended up in court this could be used as evidence against you. Always run your VPN before loading Tor. Remember every single thing you do online is logged, tracked and sold. Do not let companies abuse your right to privacy! Find my Guide to setting up a VPN


In my personal view before you do anything on the dark web you should use a VPN. It is important to note that this is debated as to whether or not its better to use Tor on its own or VPN and then Tor. Technically you can load the dark web without using a VPN but it’s discouraged by many, as this would enable your ISP to know that you are using the dark web which you do not want. certain setups of VPN tunnelling have been shown to improve security and potentially being noticed by an ISP – however most are not configured for this purpose and therefore might not make any difference but i feel that having an additional layer of obfuscation is always better. Ideally you would run tails on a laptop over public WIFI or use Whonix but that’s for another guide.

Use Linux!

if you are very used to windows then i would suggest using linux mint "cinnamon". If you havent already got it head over to Linux mint and download the ISO to install it. Mint is extremely close to windows visually so it has a much lower learning curve. If your already on another version of linux then pretty much everything in this guide can be applied to ubuntu or any version of linux you are using.

Download and Extract Tor

Head on over to the download page at Save the file then extract the contents to wherever you want to keep Tor. Open the folder you just extracted and run Tor the new window just click connect unless you are living in somewhere with censored internet like china for example.In this case you just press tor is censored in my country and it allows you to run extra settings that can bypass blocks.

Disable Javascript

Now you have Tor open in the address bar type "about:preferences#privacy" This opens the privacy settings, scroll down until you see "Security", now make sure "safest" is checked. Java script is dangerous so we absolutely do not want to allow any websites to run it. Java script can be used to execute malicious code. Don't worry about websites not working as most sites you are likely to visit are designed to run on the safest security setting since this is what everyone should be using. Your now ready to browse some sites. You can find safe links on my onions page.